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Welcome to DoneDeals!

With the DoneDeals database, you receive hard-to-obtain corporate transaction details for private and public mid-market companies sold for purchase prices primarily between $1 Million and $1 Billion. DoneDeals is used by business valuation professionals, business brokers, and many others to determine the value of privately-held companies using the market approach. It is the only database that includes financial information subjected to analysis by the SEC in filings made by public companies after acquiring other entities-very often privately-held entities.

DoneDeals is the only comprehensive source of unique mid-market transaction data, with approximately half of deals under $15 million and half over $15 million, and over 75% of the selling companies being privately owned.

Click the image below for a Sample Results Set.

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With DoneDeals, you will receive:

  • Company contacts provided (name of the executive handling the deal, address, phone)
  • Price, terms, and sources of financing
  • Seller financials, EBITDA, and price multiples for every transaction
  • Key aggregate statistics and price multiple graphs for deals selected
  • 24/7 access, with new transactions added weekly
  • Search/sorting functions allow you to find just the deals you want
  • Printout and export capabilities

Note that Macromedia Flash Player 7 is required to be installed on your computer for DoneDeals to work properly. If you do not have it installed, you may do so free of charge by going to the following site:

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